March 3, 2021

[Webinar] Achieving the 2030 climate goals – One-stop-shops for the residential sector, April 29

View the recording here and the presentation slides here.


This webinar will explore innovative business models of European one-stop-shops as a means of increasing renovation uptake in the residential sector, and decreasing carbon emissions related to buildings.

The building sector is responsible for more than one third of the European Union’s carbon emissions, yet only 1% of buildings undergo energy efficiency renovations per year, with the deep renovation rate being at a staggering 0.2%. As such, renovation activity needs to increase considerably to put the sector on track for meeting the region’s 2030 climate goals. Join us as BPIE and GNE Finance address this issue and propose immediate actions to be taken within a European residential context. Innovative business models used among Spanish, French, and Irish one-stop-shops will be presented in connection with the Turnkey Retrofit and EuroPACE projects, while the possibility of their replication in other EU communities will be discussed.

The European Commission and the EIB have issued a call for the creation of one-stop-shops to provide tailored energy efficiency renovation advice and financing solutions to homeowners to encourage the Renovation Wave. As such, the results of benchmarking studies related to leading one-stop-shops and lessons-learnt from the Turnkey Retrofit project will be discussed and will provide useful insights into the Renovation Wave strategy.



15:00 – Welcome and Introduction by Mara Oprea, Business Analyst at GNE Finance (Moderator)

15:05 – Case Study: Turnkey Retrofit Project presented by Jonathan Volt, Project Manager at BPIE

15:20 – Case Study: OSS model presented by Hugo Vigneron, President at OPERENE

15:35 – Case Study: HolaDomus presented by Kristina Klimovich, Head of Advisory and Consulting at GNE Finance

15:50 – Q&A and Conclusion