Homeowner-centric renovation journey

The TURNKEY RETROFIT service is a HOMEOWNER-CENTRIC RENOVATION JOURNEY which will transform the complex and fragmented renovation process into a simple, straightforward and attractive process. Visit Solutions4Renovation now!

Economically-viable business model

Turnkey Retrofit will build upon the promising experiences of integrated renovation services emerging in Europe to develop and improve an ECONOMICALLY-VIABLE BUSINESS MODEL, ultimately running without the need for public subsidies.

Making energy renovaiton desirable and easier


3 EU Countries

9 PARTNERS (from research, consultancy, engineering companies, non-profit organisations, technology centres) are joining forces to develop the concept in 3 EU COUNTRIES: France, Ireland and Spain. If successful, the model will be replicated EU-wide.


News and events

October 26, 2021

[EN] Are you interested in our TURNKEY RETROFIT one-stop-shop? Here are some tips on how you can replicate the service in your country!

The TURNKEY RETROFIT project develops an integrated home renovation service, enabling homeowners to improve the performance of their building. Solutions4Renovation is developed as a homeowner-oriented burden-free renovation journey aiming to transform the complex and fragmented renovation process into a simple, straightforward, and attractive process for the homeowner. The service is now accessible through a user-friendly […]

October 22, 2021

[ES] La complejidad de la Rehabilitación energéticas en el entorno de las grandes ciudades

Los edificios de comunidad de propietarios son ecosistemas complejos de gestionar. By Raul Redondo, Arquitecto y Ponente de la Mesa Técnica de ANERR   Las grandes ciudades en España y muchos otros países de Europa, concentran una enorme cantidad de edificios de co-propietarios mas conocidos en comunidad. E sto hace que el reto de la […]

September 30, 2021

[FR] Solutions4Renovation : la rénovation énergétique clé en main

Un guichet unique pour stimuler la rénovation énergétique des bâtiments résidentiels Solutions4Renovation est une plateforme numérique conçue pour les propriétaires de biens immobiliers, qui simplifie, fluidifie et valorise le processus de rénovation, trop souvent perçu comme complexe et échelonné dans le temps. Elle permet de mettre en relation des professionnels du bâtiment avec les propriétaires, […]

30.09.2021 / 05:00 PM

Turnkey Retrofit at Sustainable Places 2021: Innovative approaches and affordable solutions changing the market for buildings renovation

When: September 30th, 2021 – 5:00-6:30pm CEST Where: Online and in Rome (hybrid workshop)   This 90-minute hybrid workshop entitled “Decarbonization of the EU building stock Innovative approaches and affordable solutions changing the market for buildings renovation” will bring together a selection of H2020 EU-funded projects that are promoting holistic consumer-centered building renovation solutions that […]

July 19, 2021

Turnkey Retrofit at the first French Riviera Energy Transition Forum, July 8th 2021

On July 8th 2021, our partner R2M Solution contributed to the 1st French Riviera Energy Transition Forum (“1ères Assises Azuréennes de la Transition Energétique”) which was organised in Nice (France) at the Allianz Riviera stadium. 1st French Riviera Energy Transition Forum This new event organised by the ‘Energy cluster’ of the French Riviera Chamber of Commerce was aiming at […]

July 12, 2021

Towards large-scale roll out of “integrated home renovation services” in Europe

In the residential sector, the market offer for sustainable energy upgrades is fragmented, composed of a myriad of micro and small companies, and mostly uncoordinated. Meanwhile, most homeowners lack the capacity to set-up and supervise complex and ambitious projects. Furthermore, many face obstacles in accessing the necessary up-front financial resources. As highlighted in the Renovation […]

08.07.2021 / 02:00 PM

[Webinar] Achieving the 2030 climate goals: One-stop-shops for multi-family building renovations

This event has passed. Please find the slide deck here as well as the recording here. This webinar is the second in the ‘Achieving the 2030 Climate Goals’ series, and explored innovative business models of European one-stop-shops as a means of increasing renovation uptake in the multi-family building sector, and decreasing carbon emissions related to […]

April 29, 2021

New infographic showing key elements of the Turnkey Retrofit business model

The Turnkey Retrofit one-stop-shop uses the solutions and infrastructure of HEERO and Operene but incorporates best practices and learnings from other cases. The main pieces that should be considered in a one-stop-shop business model are as follows: Resources Partners Customer segments Customer relationships Key activities Value propositions Cost structure Outreach Revenue streams Read the findings […]

April 29, 2021

How does a typical renovation journey look like for homeowners?

An integrated renovation service should take care of all aspects of the renovation journey and make the process more convenient for the customer. This infographic summarises the main steps of a successful customer journey, differentiating the single-family building and multi-family building processes, and is based on the benchmarking study which extracted lessons learnt and guidelines […]

Transparent and reliable process
Home owner centric renovation Journey
Value for money
Tailor-made multi-service offers
Hollistically-planned process
Single payment

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Gracias también a @MiriamGArmesto de Anerr y Antonio Garrido de @tecnalia que presentaron la nueva plataforma @Reformanerr fruto del proyecto
@TurnkeyRetrofit en la jornada de ayer 18/11/2021, en IFEMA en The Miss Forum.@anerrnews
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