Case studies

The local implementation of the Turnkey Retrofit concept will be performed with real case studies in each country. Several buildings under the process of renovation will be selected as pilots in Spain and Ireland. This exercise will include the whole value chain, as this is the philosophy of the Turnkey Retrofit service.

In the case of SPAIN, a multifamily block constructed between 1941-1980 will be chosen. 70% of the total housing stock in Spain is made of multi-family apartment buildings. The entire home-ownership sector represents 85% of that stock. The maintenance (including renovation) of multi-family buildings is usually entrusted to coownership trustees who have a relatively low technical knowledge.

In the case of IRELAND, the focus will be on single family dwellings, which make up 87% of the occupied housing in Ireland. 87% of the Irish housing stock are single home (terraced, detached and semi-detached houses). 72% of detached houses are in rural areas. The home ownership rate is high (68%).