Integrated home renovation service supporting homeowners with a turnkey solution for:

  • INFORMATION ABOUT THEIR HOME (INITIAL TECHNICAL AND SOCIAL / BEHAVIOURAL DIAGNOSIS): digital solution providing an overview of alternatives and a first cost estimation based on publicly-available energy data for a specific address, the service will consider behavioural aspects to raise awareness and nudge the occupants to use their energy more wisely;
  • POTENTIAL WORKS (TECHNICAL AND ECONOMICAL OFFERS): jointly elaborated by selected local market actors of the Turnkey Retrofit community, which will adhere to the overall integrated methodology and be committed to respect key quality principles;
  • CONTACTS WITH PROVIDERS AND INSTALLERS AND CONTRACTING OF WORKS: standardised pre-contractual arrangements between involved local actors will be established in order to speed-up the overall contracting process and facilitate subsequent interactions between the project owner and the Turnkey Retrofit service operator (e.g. single payment for the overall operation);
  • STRUCTURING AND PROVISION OF FINANCIAL INCENTIVES: homeowners, or board of co-owners will be guided / directed to the most appropriate available financing opportunities;
  • MONITORING / ONSITE COORDINATION OF WORKS AND QUALITY ASSURANCE: to ensure quality control, quality assurance and integration of subcontractors. Turnkey Retrofit will use an ICT platform where stakeholders involved in the operation can share, view and manage their tasks in a safe and secure environment, using real-time information directly from the field via mobile apps;
  • COMMISSIONING AND POST-ASSESSMENT OF THE WORKS AND OF THE BUILDING PERFORMANCE: project owners will be invited to promote and share details of their renovation and feedback on the digital platform.


The Turnkey Retrofit service builds upon proven renovation models, which have been successful in boosting demand for energy renovations in France:

  • HEERO, an integrated service targeted at detached and semi-detached houses,
  • OPERENE, an integrated service targeted at multi-family residential housing, therefore covering the main building typologies in Europe.

Solutions4renovation will host the 2 services and implement new functionalities (e.g. online energy diagnosis to reduce time on-site, elaboration of standardized energy renovation scenarios, financial engineering to improve financing conditions for energy renovation, etc.) to increase their attractiveness and cost-efficiency. Both function without public subsidies but take advantage and facilitate access to public grants for the benefit of homeowners to cover their renovation costs.

Turnkey Retrofit will also capitalise on LESSONS-LEARNT FROM 3 OTHER INITIATIVES:

  • EnergieSprong (NL),
  • BetterHome (DK)
  • SIRE (ES) –– a physical information one-stop-shop for all information related to energy renovation, exploited by ANERR in Spain and complemented by an online service (ReformANERR).
  • A SINGLE CONTACT POINT will be responsible for the whole renovation process and will coordinate with all stakeholders involved in the renovation of the same property, allowing for better planning and building trust with the homeowner.
  • The involved stakeholders will also be able to share relevant information on the renovation project via the Turnkey Retrofit DIGITAL PLATFORM, CREATING A LEANER PROCESS. Satisfaction with the end-result is the goal of the renovation journey. To ensure this, Turnkey Retrofit will regularly conduct follow-ups with the end-users. This feedback will be used to constantly enhance the model.
  • INSTALLERS WILL BE TRAINED TO PROPERLY UNDERSTAND THE HOMEOWNERS’ NEEDS and be able to explain why different measures are needed, shed light on the value of additional energy measures and why the investment costs are worth.
  • A KEY COMPONENT OF THE SERVICE WILL BE THE PROJECT MANAGEMENT on site to ensure quality control, quality assurance and integration of subcontractors.
  • Turnkey Retrofit will also EXPLORE how the integrated renovation service can be coupled/integrated with other innovative renovation tools (building renovation passport, logbook, etc.).