03.02.2022 / 01:00 PM

[Webinar] Business models for one-stop shops: lessons learned from the Turnkey Retrofit project

This event has passed. The slide deck and recording are now available.


Europe is facing the now more than pressing challenge to triple the current renovation rate in order to meet its climate and energy goals, mitigate climate change and get on track to limit global temperature increase to 1,5°C as agreed in the Paris Agreement in 2015.

Tackling this challenge would not only be beneficial for the climate, but first and foremost for the people living, working and using these buildings: inadequate and poor housing causes high energy bills, health issues and a lower quality of life. Renovating the existing building stock represents an exceptional investment opportunity, with the capacity to boost the economy and generate local jobs.

However, for homeowners and building managers, the renovation process can seem complicated.

To tackle these challenges, Turnkey Retrofit developed an integrated home renovation service, leveraging on the business operations of the project partners. Available in France, Spain and Ireland, the service (accessible here) is tailored to respond to local needs. Each implementing partner (EP, ANERR and IGBC) will dive into the process of adapting the service, and how they envision its continuation after the project’s end. 

The webinar will aim to answer the following questions:

  • What was the reasoning behind the business model developed by the French, Spanish and Irish partners?
  • Which are the main determinants for the development of a business model?
  • What can the EU do to streamline the business model development and ensure successful replications?



  • Introduction to the Turnkey Retrofit project and Solutions4Renovation, BPIE
  • Overview on business models for one-stop shops, R2M
  • Implementing the Turnkey Retrofit service in France, Ireland, and Spain: insights from the implementing partners:
  1. France: Floriane Gueguen, EP
  2. Spain: Miriam García Armesto, ANERR
  3. Ireland: Johanna Varghese, Irish Green Building Council
  • Lessons learned from the replication process, R2M
  • Discussion with implementing partners and Q&A
  • Conclusion, BPIE