January 6, 2021

A Roadmap on how to develop Citizen-led Renovation

Citizen-led Renovation aims to boost the demand for residential energy renovations by mobilising citizen participation, a concept developed by REScoop.eu and Stefan Scheuer Consulting. This “Roadmap on how to develop Citizen-led Renovation as driver for the renovation wave” was established on the basis of REScoop.eu Building renovation working group findings, documented in the Report on barriers and drivers to the deployment of Citizen-led Renovation mechanisms  finalised in April 2020.

The EU Green Deal published in December 2019 recognises that citizens have a crucial role. The section on the Climate Pact starts with the sentence: “Citizens are and should remain a driving force of the transition”. As owners or tenants of houses and apartments they can plan a key role in driving renovations of residential buildings.

Nevertheless, renovation remains a difficult task even though it is highly rewarding if successfully completed. The Citizen-led Renovation approach therefore is to mobilise and support house owners to decide to undertake an energy renovation of their home. It is an innovative approach on how citizens can be empowered through collective action schemes.

Read the report here.


Almut Bonhage, Stefan Scheuer Consulting

With the support of:
Stefan Scheuer, The Coalition for Energy Savings
Stanislas d’Herbemont, REScoop.eu
Bastiaan de Jong, European Climate Foundation