February 25, 2022

Interview with our French partner EP

  • Why are one-stop shops for renovation needed?

There are a lot of intentions but not enough actions. Many initiatives exist but they are too scattered. The aim of one-stop-shops is to increase and rationalize energy retrofits based on operational needs until getting subsidies.


  • How would you describe your business model?

The service is free for homeowners. The business model is based on energy credits (white certificates). We also propose other subsidies such as MaPrimeRenov’ in order to attract homeowners on the platform.


  • Based on your experience, how can EU or French policymakers further increase the uptake of one-stop-shops?

To go further, policymakers should push private actors to manage retrofit processes and promote the subsidies follow-up.

One leverage to speed up the roll out of one-stop-shops could be to simplify conditions for subsidies’ eligibility.


  • The project is coming to an end, do you have 3 takeaways to share with us?
  1. Trust: make a link between the government and the platform
  2. Marketing: the one-stop-shop should not only provide financing advices but also be a part of the whole retrofit process.
  3. Finance: there is a real interest to bring a global funding package to the homeowner and estimate how much remains to be paid at the end (subsidies and loans included)


  • How do you see the collaboration with the other partners move forward after the project?

We want to create synergies with other stakeholders to accelerate buildings’ retrofits in others EU countries.

If you want to know more about HEERO click here. (website in French)