September 19, 2019

Local Implementation Group Ireland – Meeting 1

The first meeting took place in Galway in July 2019.

Please find here the key discussion points, next steps and key visuals.

The next LIG meetings are planned for September, November 2019 and January 2020 to shape the brief for the development of the Irish One Stop Shop platform.
In March 2020 we’ll have a workshop with Turnkey Retrofit partners, with a clear and defined brief of what would suit the Irish renovation and retrofit landscape.

Questions asked to the group included:

Assuming you would like to continue developing the One Stop Shop for both renovation and retrofit,
• What aspect of the platform might sup-port your process and business?
• What would make the process simpler?
• What way would you like to scale up?
• Where do you see the main stumbling block to scaling up?
• What’s your vision for 5 years time from now, 10 years from now?
• In what way would you like to be part of the development of the platform?
• What investment is required?
• Could this be a crowdfunding platform?

Are you interested in continuing your involvement?
Contact Johanna or Pat from IGBC
Jamie or Paul from NUI Galway