June 2, 2020

MaREI Retrofitting Homes Symposium, 11 June 2020

***Watch the recording here and view the slides here***



The Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) centre for Energy, Climate and Marine, MaREI is delighted to host a researcher led Retrofitting Homes Symposium on the 11 June 2020.

Ireland’s building stock emits almost 60% more CO2 than other EU countries. Ireland also exhibits some of the highest rates of fuel poverty and excess winter mortality in northern Europe. Despite circa 23000 homes being retrofitted in Ireland per annum since 2013, only circa one in ten of these homes were retrofitted to the current requirement of a BER of B2 or better. More specifically, the number of homes retrofitted to B2 or better in Ireland increased from circa 400 completed in 2013 to 2600 completed in 2019. Ireland still performs considerably poorer than its European counterparts in terms of the penetration of various domestic energy efficiency measures, with the exception of roof insulation. The current level of retrofitting homes in Ireland falls far short of the 50,000 per annum set out in the Irish government’s Climate Action Plan 2019, which set ambitious targets for the achievement of 500,000 energy efficiency retrofits by 2030.

In our upcoming MaREI Retrofitting Homes Symposium, researchers from the MaREI Centre will share their insights into the challenges and opportunities faced to effectively retrofit the residential building stock in Ireland. Deep retrofitting of Ireland’s building stock is viewed by many as a major economic and employment opportunity, as well as an opportunity to improve the quality of our homes. Since people typically spend approximately 90% of their time indoors, having safe, comfortable, healthy and energy efficient homes is of interest to most.

Turnkey Retrofit will be showcased as an example of a one-stop-shop under development for deep retrofit of homes in Ireland.


Location: Online (MS Teams Live)

Booking: https://bit.ly/2X3Rq8o

Time: 10am-12pm

Date: Thursday, 11 June 2020.