March 4, 2022

The Solutions4Renovation video is now available in Spanish and English!


Thinking of retrofitting your home and not sure where to start? Are your energy bills too high? And would you like to reduce them? Are you wondering about which retrofit grants you are eligible for?

Turnkey Retrofit project presents an online platform, to assist you on your retrofit journey with a Quiz that helps you answer the question ‘does my home need a retrofit?’  and a Road map that suggests ‘what you should do’ and estimates how much it should cost.

Solutions4Renovation is a free guide to help you through the energy retrofit of your home. You can find out all kinds of information about retrofitting, what to do to improve the comfort of your home and even how to reduce your energy bill.

The Solutions4Renovation platform is now available to everyone and especially useful for homeowners in France, Ireland and Spain.

Watch the video in English 

Ver el vídeo en español