June 15, 2020

Irish Knowledge Transfer Meeting – 12 June 2020

Following the first part of the Irish Transfer Meeting, which took place April 27, the Local Implementation Group met again on June 12 to further discuss the development of the Irish one-stop-shop.

48 people attended the Turnkey Retrofit Irish meeting to hear about the French OSS HEERO which is live, presented by EP.

CSTB then demonstrated an exciting new tool that enables home owners to make decisions about retrofit based on how they feel – it’s called the PUNCH diagnosis (the PUNCH Diag will soon be available online, we will keep you updated!).

IGBC introduced their flow diagram for the Irish One stop shop platform. You’ll hear about the differences and how HEERO might be adapted for the Irish context.

Listen to the presentation that starts with the PUNCH tool, walks you through HEERO and its functionalities, introduces the Irish flow and finally a Q&A at the end.


Watch the recording here


The Irish flow diagram