May 4, 2020

Local Implementation Group Ireland – Meeting 3

On April 27, Turnkey Retrofit partners held the third Knowledge Transfer Meeting with the Irish Local Implementation Group (LIG), building on previous exchanges. Initially due to take place in Dublin, the meeting was turned into an online videoconference due to current circumstances. It aimed to further discuss the implementation of a one-stop-shop for energy retrofitting of buildings in the Irish context.

The meeting started by a silent interactive presentation followed by a discussion based on participants’ questions. During the first part, the presenters, Johanna Varghese (IGBC) and Caroline Bouteloup (CSTB) summed up the objective of this meeting: to first give an overview of the concept behind the Turnkey Retrofit service, and to build on the French prototype (Heero, not yet in service) to brainstorm on how the platform could look like in Ireland.

The meeting allowed to get the LIG members’ feedback on the sort of contextual data that is needed to run the digital platform, and how to collect and manage missing data.
Amongst other questions, participants were asked: what are the two words that best describe a one-stop-shop for energy retrofit? Below are some of the answers:

One of the takeaways from the meeting is that the aim of the future Turnkey Retrofit one-stop-shop service is not only to ease the customer’s journey, but also to ease the renovation professional’s work, the bank’s and contractor’s efforts. By aggregating projects into bundles, we do not only improve the experience for homeowners, but also for all actors across the construction and renovation sector.

Thanks to the LIG inputs, the team will be able to develop the “bricks” that will constitute the customer journey for the Irish one-stop-shop. The LIG will meet again for an interactive face to face webinar on 12th June 2020.

See the full presentation here.

Are you interested in continuing your involvement?
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