June 30, 2020

Spanish Knowledge Transfer Meeting – 26 June 2020

Despite the current crisis, the consortium is moving forward. Partners in France, Ireland and Spain are developing the Turnkey Retrofit one stop shop, Solutions4renovation, and are now consulting the Local Implementation Group (LIG), composed of experts from all areas of the building sector, in Ireland and Spain. On 26 June 2020, it was time for the Spanish LIG to meet online and share their visions and feedback on the platform. (The Irish KTM took place on June 12, click here to learn more and watch the recording!)

11 members from the Local Implementation Group and 13 members of the consortium attended the Knowledge Transfer Meeting on June 26.

The meeting started with the presentation of the Solutions4Renovation homepage, followed by the Punch Diag, developed by CSTB in France and that will be adapted to the Irish and Spanish contexts. Finally, the French HEERO platform was presented by EP. LIG members could share their feedback via Jamboard.

Main questions raised by the LIG are summarized below:

  • End users:
    – How to make sure that the end user trust the digital platform?
    – What are the guarantees offered to the end user?
    – Some of the data asked on HEERO is not known by the end users
    – How do you make sure the platform meets the homeowner’s expectations? Is the homeowner’s behaviour taken into account in terms of energy consumption/savings?
    – What is the share of homeowners who start the process and of those who eventually go across all the service (and complete the works)?


  • Stakeholders involved in the service:
    – Are HEERO agents external workers?
    – Who is responsible for making the energy certificates? Do they have to be done by a technician? Are there any external independent companies or institutions involved?


  • Public authorities:
    – Is the national government promoting this service?
    – The link with the cadastre is very interesting, will there be something similar for Spain?
    – Is this service linked with the FAIRE initiative of the French Government?
    – In Spain, the lack of continuity of public subsidies can be an issue (need to be constantly updated)


  • Business model:
    – Is the platform offering financing in addition to existing public subsidies?


  • Platform itself (data):
    – Apart from the cadastre, which other data bases are being used?
    – The platform could be used to conduct reports for assurances companies or similar ?


Next steps:
All questions raised by the LIG will be taken into consideration, and another LIG meeting will take place in 2 weeks to further discuss the following topics:

  • The progress of the implementation of the Turnkey Retrofit Project in Spain and its adaptation to the REFORMANERR Platform
  • Role of each participant in the project and in the pilot experience
  • Review of the design of the Turnkey Retrofit business model for its implementation in Spain